Multi-instrumentalist Zoie Moser is a passionate performer, composer, and music director. A native Californian, Zoie graduated from Chicago College of Performing Arts with a nearly full-ride Music Scholarship before relocating to Los Angeles as a full-time performing musician, writer & music director.


     Zoie has toured with The Rolling Stones on the 50th Anniversary Tour in Chicago, coached Rumer Willis and appeared on Fox Century's show Empire, performed her original song “Peaceful Love” at Peace Jam's World Conference for Archbishop Desmond Tutu, six other Noble Peace Prize Laureates and has written six full-length musicals with her sister, Rochelle Moser at Bad Wolf Theatre Company in Southwest Michigan. She recently played keyboard and programmed music samples on a national tour with the Broadway show Evita with Theatre League & Plan B Productions.


    For more information about Bad Wolf, Theatre Company visit www.badwolftheatre.com